Coaching Workshop

A leaders' webinar WORSHOP
  • Host: Simon Shaw
  • Date: 20th March 2024
  • Start Time: 11:30 GMT
  • Duration: 1 hr 
  • Who is it for: Anyone who leads or manages
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    What's it about?

    Unleash energy, innovation and commitment in your dream team
    Included as part of the workshop will be: 

    • Coaching Mini-Book

    • A 10% DISCOUNT code for our fully online Leading People course. Here you or your team members can discover even more tools and insights to help you unlock their full potential and emerge stronger!
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    This series of online workshops have been designed to provide a clear, lively and succinct introduction to contemporary ideas about key aspects of leading people and teams.

    Their aim is for you to develop leadership and management skills and show you how to put these ideas into practice.

    They hope to identify ways of further developing participants’ team-leading and people skills.


    This final workshop in this series will cover:

    • Coaching as the new leadership paradigm – support and guide people, help them to adapt, unleash fresh energy in teams
    • Performance coaching – short-term, specific skills development
    • Effectiveness coaching – long-term, overall capability accretion
    • Development coaching – learning cycle, learning environment
    • Coaching skills and methods – top 10 effective skills, GROW cycle and other models 



    Meet the Host

    We’ve picked a top-notch host to share their experiences exclusively with you and facilitate this workshop.
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    Simon has 40 years’ experience of leading established businesses and forming new ones. He’s also been a consultant to large organisations and governments in the UK and internationally...
    Simon Shaw
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