Be inspired.| Be empowered.| Be Mojave.|Emerge stronger.

We have some unique experience and insights that we can bring into your business.


Training through consultancy.

Speaking Engagements

Inspire and empower.


However we’re not like most consultants.
We aim to make ourselves redundant as consultants after the first work we do with you.
This is because we see our work as consultants as simply offering a unique opportunity to develop the confidence and capability of you and your team by addressing specific, focused challenges you may be facing. These might be:
  • Enabling innovation
  • Driving change
  • Addressing cultural change
  • Developing a strategy
  • Developing an operational plan
  • Addressing high employee turnover
  • Or pretty much anything you can think of!
The idea is that by the time we’ve worked together to resolve the specific challenge(s) you asked us to help you with, you know that next time it’s something that you can tackle head on – without us. Because by the time we’ve finished, you and your team will emerge stronger!
If you'd like to know more, or discuss your organisations specific needs, then get in touch and begin your journey to emerging stronger.

Speaking Engagements

Nick O’Sullivan MBE is a registered speaker with a message.
  • If you want to inspire and motivate your leadership team…
  • If you want to ensure your team understand what a strategy really does and its relevance to their collective success…
  • If you want your leaders to understand the responsibility they have in terms of the fortunes of your business, its culture, brand and the lives of your employees…
…then get in touch.

Nick will ensure your entire leadership team leave the room wanting to be the very best they can be!

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Kelly Vasey

Sales and Marketing Director
Espace Europe Ltd

Expedition - Mojave Strategy Programme

"After one hour session with Mojave we made more progress than any of the other people we had been introduced to."

How we plan your Expedition 

An Expedition has a clearly defined destination and objective and a selected team of people.
 We’re no different.

Initial enquiry

You submit an enquiry form or simply get in touch outlining the challenges you are seeking support to address.

Discovery session

We have an initial meeting to explore in more detail the challenges you identified, the issues they’re presenting and how we can support you in addressing them in a way that works with your ongoing business activity.

Consultation phase

We provide an initial proposal to you and your team with a recommended way forward based on the outputs from the Discovery Session. We work with you to adjust and refine the proposal until we have an agreed Expedition Plan, including key deliverables.

Expedition start

We start the expedition with you and your team.

Progress meetings

We regularly review our collective progress against the Expedition Plan to ensure we remain on track or to agree whether we need to adjust the plan.

Wrap up

Time for tea and medals after a job well done!  We review the results of the expedition to ensure the required outcomes have been achieved.
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